Little Dragon Foam Generator

$359.00 $549.00

The Little Dragon is a powerful continuous foam generator that fits on top of a standard 5 gal bucket for ease of use!

Mix 2 cups of high suds dish detergent or other foaming agent in 5 gallons of water and you are ready to make AirCrete!

Available in 115. Made in the USA.  See the DragonXL for 220vt version

  • Little Dragon is a powerful, compact Aircrete foam generator. It features a high-pressure, self-priming, continuous duty Aquatec pump, pressure regulator and solenoid valves, with a dial indicator for easy and accurate adjustment. It fits conveniently on top a standard 5 gallon bucket and is very simple to operate.
  • Put foaming agent in the 5 gal, hook up an air-compressor and you are ready to make AirCrete. 
  • Our new Foam-Injection Mixer works wonders! Little Dragon injects foam directly into the mixing paddles.
  • It's easy to mix the precise amount of ingredients for consistent results every time.
  • Mix 6 gallons of water with one 94 lb bag of cement. After the cement and water are mixed, add foam to your desired density.  One bag of cement will make 45 gallons of light weight AirCrete in just a few minutes.  You can also add sand, fiber or other admix ingredients if desired.