Budget Blueprint

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Included in the Mini-Course:

  • Comprehensive Tool and Material List

    - Detailed breakdown of all tools and materials needed to build a 16ft diameter Aircrete dome.

    - Organized by building phases: set-up, foundation, structure, and finishing.

  • Material Usage and Alternatives

    - In-depth review of how each material is used in the construction process.

    - Discussion on alternative materials and their pros and cons.

  • Tool Functionality and Importance

    - Explanation of the purpose of each tool.

    - Guidance on which tools are essential and which ones are optional.

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Dome Builders Academy!

Curious About the Cost to 

Build a Dome Home?

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Our mini-training provides a clearbreakdown of the costs to build a 16ft diameter aircrete dome from start to finish.

You'll also receive a downloadable spreadsheet with all the details you need to plan your build, whether it's for a personal tiny home project or a new Airbnb business.

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our story

Domegaia’s founder, Hajjar Gibran, a seasoned engineer and carpenter, couldn't ignore the desperate need for housing worldwide. Teaming up with artist and photographer Steve Areen, they developed a unique system and built a series of dome homes in Thailand. These structures proved to be beautiful, affordable, and easy to build.

Domegaia was born from global interest in this sustainable, affordable, and beautiful building method. For most of history, humans built their own homes using local materials. But modern society has trapped us in a cycle of working endlessly to pay for our homes. 

At Domegaia, we offer education, collaboration, community, tools, and methods to help people build their dreams at a fraction of the typical cost.We've already trained thousands of people worldwide, and we're just getting started!

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Dome Home Budget Blueprint

Cost Of Tools & Materials Spreadsheet

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  • Learn the exact costs of building a 16ft diameter aircrete dome from start to finish.

  • Get a downloadable spreadsheet with detailed cost planning.

  • Discover essential tools and materials, along with alternatives.

  • Peek inside the Dome Builders Academy.

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Aircrete Dome Workshop Testimonial From Damian

"We all had these great intentions, to build a community, a personal home or taking it into a business." 

Damian Espíritu

Aircrete Dome Workshop Testimonial From Ania

"I was so happy to be with like minded people to learn and create memories" 

Ania Chapska

Aircrete Dome Workshop Testimonial From Ben

"Like a busy bee hive. Everyone was here to get it done and see the finished result."

Ben Smith

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