10 Day Aircrete 

Dome Building 


Oaxaca, Mexico

March 10-19, 2023

Workshop Learning Objectives

  • Learn our methods of building a dome home that is fire and rot resistant, insulative, sustainable, strong and durable against the forces of earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.

  • Work in a friendly and respectful team setting to co-create under the guidance of our instructors

  • Learn our methods of building a dome home that is fire and rot resistant, insulative, sustainable, strong and durable against the forces of earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.

  • Build archway forms and a round window form

  • Mix Aircrete with Domegaia's unique tools - Aircrete is an amazing, material that you can make yourself at home - almost as easily as making pancake batter!

  • Stack bricks with our mortar recipe to construct a dome using a compass arm

  • Build a round, sit-in window

  • Build a custom wooden door

  • Build archway forms and a round window form

  • Apply reinforcement fabric-mesh with stucco

  • "Classroom" exercises and discussions

  • Topics: Foundation pouring, compass arm assembly, skylight ideas, window installation, door and door jam construction & installation

  • We will offer an inspirational and informative slideshow presentation and dedicated Q&A time!

  • Apply reinforcement fabric-mesh with stucco

*Please Note: During this 10-day (hands-on) workshop, we will build a basic dome structure. Instruction includes the fundamentals of pouring, stacking and structural reinforcement of the dome but does not include plumbing, electrical or finishing installations. We will do our best as a team to complete the Aircrete dome during the workshop; however, we do not guarantee completion. Unexpected obstacles such as adverse weather conditions, for example, may affect our progress and prevent the dome’s full completion. ​

Bonus Material

  • Architectural Drawings of Steve Areen's Thailand Dome Home (a 16-page digital download) as well as additional pdf resources and material.

  • A 15% discount on Tools and Equipment valid for 3 months after the conclusion of the workshop.​

Watch a sneak peak of the Oaxaca, Mexico hosts and workshop location

Workshop Schedule

March 9th  - 5:30 - 7pm: Check-in

March 10-19th (with one or half day off)

9am: Opening Circle

9am - 1pm: Workshop

1pm - 2pm: Lunch break

2pm - 6pm*: Workshop

March 20th - Departure

*We will plan one afternoon off or full day off (depending on our rate of progress) for students to rest and enjoy local attractions!

*Some days may run later than 6pm depending on work flow

Lodging Options

Tierra Del Sol will be providing a few different eco-friendly options for their on site accommodations including:

  • One-person bamboo huts (U.S.$ 37.00 per person) SOLD OUT

  • two-person bamboo huts with double bed (U.S.$50.00 per couple)—all with shared showers and toilets. SOLD OUT

  • Two bamboo cabañas (double occupancy) with two single beds or a king size bed, and private shower and bathroom (US $80 per couple per night). SOLD OUT

  • Two dormitory style accommodations (quadruple occupancy) with single beds with private showers and toilets (U.S.$ 37.00 per person). SOLD OUT

***If you decide to stay off-site, it is important to take into consideration the daily transportation costs from your lodging to Tierra del Sol.

For those who prefer to arrange their own lodging and meals, check out these local suggestions from Jonathan: 

Lodging nearby:

Meal Plan Options

Meal Plan Pricing:

  • Save with the full meal plan - $440.00 USD

  • Breakfast only for all 10 days - $160.00 USD

  • Comida (main afternoon meal) only for all 10 days - $230.00 USD 

  • Dinner only for all 10 days - $160.00 USD 

Tierra Del Sol will be serving 3 abundant meals daily with an omnivores menu and a vegetarian option, made from their local vegetable garden and other local organic food producers. They will also have plenty fresh fruit, snacks and lemonade available between meals. 

The food will be prepared by Doña Pina, an experienced and very capable local woman. There will be fermented drinks and cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices available for an extra cost for whoever wants them.​

Please contact our host to express your interests in participating in the meal plan and to communicate any dietary restrictions. You do not have to stay on-site to take advantage of this meal plan, any and all are welcome! 

*Meal prices are separated this way to accommodate anyone who chooses to stay and/or eat off-site. Participants staying at Tierra del Sol who want to eat their three daily meals there. The $440 meal plan offers a 25% discount compared to meals paid for individually throughout the workshop

Close by restaurants...

  • Mezcal y Metate
  • Santa Maria El Tule
  •  El Milenario
  • Market in El Tule
  • Market in Tlacolula

Oaxaca Restaurants

  • Pál Sur

  • Biznaga

  • Epicurio

  • Calabacitas Tiernas

  • Quince Letras

  • Calabacitas Tiernas

​From our hosts- "Based on our considerable experience hosting groups during a variety of workshops over the years, we encourage participants in the upcoming workshop with Domegaia to stay with us during the course. Logistics such as transportation, meals, etc. are simpler to manage and sharing the experience and space as a group works nicely. That said, we are happy to help out with alternative options."

Transportation Options 

  • Rental cars (parking will be available on property)
  • Transportation will be available from Xoxocotlán International Airport to Tierra del Sol and for return to the airport at the end of the workshop. A private shuttle from the airport to Tierra del Sol is a 45-minute drive and costs roughly $50.00 USD for 2-8 people. Please share your flight itinerary ASAP with Jonathan so that he can help coordinate airport shuttle travel from Xoxocotlán Airport to Tierra del Sol

About our hosts: Pablo Ruiz & Tere Machado

Twenty-two years ago, Pablo Ruiz founded Tierra del Sol, a center for ecological

restoration in Oaxaca, Mexico. Along with his partner, Tere Machado and a team of

local farmers and construction workers, he is developing and managing a model for

dry land farming, natural building techniques and watershed restoration strategies

adapted to the social, economic and climatic conditions of the central valleys of Oaxaca.

Their goal is to help reverse the adverse effects of desertification and climate change in

their area caused by monoculture, deforestation and unsustainable urban development,

through positive action on the local environment and educational programs.

Location Details: Oaxaca, Mexico

One of the main strengths of Oaxaca as a tourist destination is its incredible cultural

diversity. There are 16 distinct indigenous ethnicities and languages recognized in the state, each with its own customs and traditions. Traditional clothing, for example, is still celebrated by many indigenous peoples in Oaxaca, hence there is a very rich, diverse textile tradition here which is recognized throughout the world.

Oaxaca is known internationally as one of the leading destinations in the world for its

rich and varied cuisine; many visitors come to Oaxaca for that reason if nothing else. The cuisine and the attendant beverage, mezcal, which is fermented and then distilled

from different species of maguey cactus are important elements of Oaxacan culture. Chefs, gourmands and others typically are delighted with food and beverages here.

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What you can expect, here from past students:

Cancellation Policy

  • Those cancelling more than 4 weeks prior to the first day of the workshop will receive a full tuition refund, minus a 7% processing and administration fee.
  • Those cancelling 2 - 4 weeks prior to the first day of the workshop will receive a half tuition refund, minus a 7% processing and administration fee.
  • No refunds for cancellation requests made less than2 weeks prior to the first day of the workshop
  • If the workshop has to be cancelled for any reason, you will receive an immediate full refund.

Contact Us

 If you have questions about the workshop, please contact us!

We look forward to building with you!