75 Ways to Use Aircrete: 

The Magical Building Material.

75 Ways to Use Aircrete: 

The Magical Building


What exactly can you do with Aircrete? 

There are hundreds of ways to use Aircrete. Check out our list ways to use Aircrete and add your own.

Aircrete can be used for so many purposes because it has so many benefits as a lightweight, low-cost building material. 

For aircrete to be optimally used, we suggest reading our full post on 'Aircrete 101: The Ultimate Guide' and downloading our free ebook on Aircrete 101: Guidebook.

The best way to start an Aircrete Project is to form Aircrete blocks. These serve as the basic building blocks to most projects. 

If your project is not benefited by making blocks, you will need to create a version of a mold in which to pour the aircrete into to cure.  

Top 75 Ways to Use Aircrete: 

  1. Dome Structures - Family unit
  2. Dome Yoga Studio 
  3. Concert Bandshell 
  4. Dome Glamping
  5. Aircrete Cabin
  6. Retaining Walls
  7. Aircrete Fire Pit
  8. Dome AirBnb
  9. Wall Panels 
  10. Aircrete rocket stove
  11. Aircrete Slab
  12. Aircrete Pavers 
  13. Tilt up aircrete Walls 
  14. Dome Artist Studio
  15. Dome Grotto Spa
  16. Raised Garden Bed
  17. Patio
  18. Floors
  19. Fence Posts
  20. Counter tops 
  21. Aircrete for Foundation 
  22. Aircrete Driveway 
  23. Reef Tank
  24. Music Dome
  25. Aircrete Curb
  26. Aircrete Desk
  27. Cheese ageing Cave / Root Cellar 
  28. Floor Slabs and Subflooring
  29. Flip up panel walls
  30. Precast Blocks
  31. Insulation Systems
  32. Underground pipe insulation
  33. Poured insulated floor decks
  34. Acoustic floor underlayments and shock absorption
  35. Fill for abandoned tanks, mines, hollow blocks and pipelines
  36. Load reducing fill over an underground structure
  37. Landfills 
  38. Filling in uneven rock surface
  39. Walk-In Refrigerator
  40. Bridge approach fills 
  41. Ponds and pools 
  42. Outhouse
  43. Archie Hut

Image: Aircrete Arches

Image: Aircrete Stairwell

Image: Aircrete custom window

Image: Aircrete fireplace

Image: Aircrete planters

44. Quonset hut
45. Aircrete Storage Shed
46. Fencing 
47. Planters
48. Custom tables 
49. Insulation under RV Homes 
50. Dog House or Kennel
51. Giant Letters or Numbers
52. Movie Set Design ex. Fake rocks, mushrooms, action scene: breaking through walls
53. Built in Kitchen wall shelves 
54. Bookcase
55.Decorative Solid Bench 
56. Storage shelves
57. Custom Headboard
58. Bird Bath
59. Aircrete Dock 
60. Floating Candle Holders
61. Stepping stones 
62. Fake Landscape for miniature models or train set
63. Bedside Lamp Stand
64. Garden Balls 
65. Holiday Props ex. Gravestones, Snowman
66. Decorative trim around windows and archways
67. Privacy Walls 
68. Outdoor Shower
69. Garden or Entrance Archway 
70. Patio Shade Arch
71. Giant Chess Game and Pieces
72. Bed Platform
Foundation Perimeter Frost Break 
73. Insulation
74. Pour on Roof Insulation
75. Custom Built In Furniture 
76. Custom Patio Furniture 
77. Parade Float 
78. Aircrete Mortar 
79. Wind Block
80. Aircrete Sculpture

Now you can see our growing list of ways to use Aircrete, write to us and tell us how you are using it. We love hearing from you and seeing your photos. 

To learn more about how to make Aircrete and for step-by-step instructions, don't forget to download our our free Aircrete 101 ebook. 

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