Domegaia Video Library

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Ram Dass Dome Tour

After Ram Dass passed away in 2019, he gave his blessing to construct a Hanuman Temple on the island of Maui. Join us as we tour a beautiful Aircrete temple built at Ram Dass’s house in Maui. 

People on talking about Aircrete

Feedback from people about Aircrete after getting some experience.

Original Domegaia Dome

This original dome was build in Thailand and proved the Domegaia Building System.

Intro to the Building System

Our first video about the building system and equipment we developed.

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What students are saying

Workshop Videos from the Domegaia Community

Hilo Hawaii

This video shows how to make an Aircrete dome built on the back of a flat bed truck

Interview with Hajjar

On the Big Island of Hawaii Hajjar talks about Domegaia's mission.

What To Expect

Workshop host in Baja talks about what to expect from a Domegaia workshop.

Workshop Kauai

Made by a Domegaia student this video shows each step of the dome build.

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