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Students of all ages and in every part of the world have been learning the unique Domegaia Building system.  In these workshops you will learn invaluable skills and be empowered to create amazing Aircrete buildings.

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Aircrete Quickstart Course

You'll get a comprehensive online Aircrete Building E-course that give step-by-step instructions on how to build with Aircrete.  
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Dome Building Academy 

You'll get a comprehensive online Dome Building E-course that gives step-by-step instructions on how to build your own dome.


Immerse yourself, mind, body and spirit into a building experience that will awaken your intuition and wisdom to create an entire exterior structure of a dome in 10 days, with remarkable people from around the world. 

current In-Person Course Offering:

What students are saying

Learn hands-on skills to build on your terms. 

All our  courses come with a community of support to develop your own 'inner-builder' intuition and skill set. 

The most common thing we hear from our 'Domie' graduates is:

"I now feel confident to build". 

Everyone from Grandmothers all the way to Boeing engineers have attended our workshops. 

Aircrete Team Hands In

Workshops will bring you to a beautiful location, surround you with incredible people and help you on your way to building your own dome. Not to mention, that you will come away with a network of people who will support your project. 

Past Workshop Locations

Calling all Landowners

want to become a workshop host? 

Find out if your land is a great spot to host 25 students to help 

you kickstart your build with Domegaia.  

Get more details. 

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