Host an Eden

Building Workshop 

Landowners bring students 

together to create a learning community 

that builds a structure on their land.

Introducing the Eden

The perfect option for a home office, healing space, or a luxurious Aircrete glamping structure, designed to bring you closer to nature without compromising on comfort. 

We would love to learn about your property and collaborate.

We believe that people everywhere have a basic right to create quality housing for themselves. Help us to spread this knowledge! 

If you are able to host a workshop, this is the fastest, least expensive and most fun way to build your structurally reinforced Aircrete Eden. 

Imagine having a team of 25 enthusiastic builders working on your project- work becomes play and a lot gets done in a short amount of time. It’s a big win/win for everyone! 

The Workshop Structure:

What would we build on your property? 

 A 10' x 12' Eden (if a desired we can discuss different size options)

Domegaia Workshop Eden: 

Our Eden is a fiber reinforced aircrete structure that is fire-proof, rot-proof, water-resistant, and termite-proof. 

Host Benefits

You'll receive: 

  • A built exterior structure of an Aircrete Eden.

  • Free workshop attendance for yourself and 2 people.

  • The first right to purchase the Domegaia equipment used at the workshop at half price.

  • Networking and friendships with like-minded folks from around the globe.

Domegaia workshops bring people together for an experience of a lifetime. We follow an age-old tradition of building for each other. And as we build together, we build friendships, community, and skills that free us from the high costs of conventional housing. A Domegaia Workshop is the most efficient, enjoyable and inexpensive way to build. In exchange for hosting the workshop, you get an Eden. 

Domegaia supervises the construction of your Aircrete Eden with up to 25 participants who learn by providing hands-on labor. 

There is definitely a lot to gain by hosting a workshop and it requires a lot of careful preparation.

What you need to host a workshop

Build Site Requirements


  • The Eden build site must have a foundation built in preparation for the build, that is completed before workshop begins.

  • Level working area around the foundation for 28-30 people to work comfortably and safely. 

  • A water hose that can reach all the way around the foundation.

  • 20’x20’ weather protection

  • Any necessary building permits and insurance.


  • Electricity with (4) 15 amp 120v breakers.

  • 1 x 4'x8' plywood work table 


  • Electricity with (4) 15 amp 120v breakers

  • A source of clean, running water.  

  • 40’x20’ weather protected area

Student Accommodations


  • At least two toilets (or serviced port-o-potties, or composting toilets) near the build site.

  • A weather protected common area with enough tables and chairs for 30-35 people.

  • Plenty of good quality drinking water for all participants, 30-35 people.

  • At least two hot showers with enough hot water for everyone.

  • Low cost camping spaces available for students.

  • A meal plan that provides three hearty whole food meals a day that can accommodate those that have dietary restrictions (vegetarian/vegan, gluten-free, etc.).

Note: It’s not required but we prefer hosts who can provide a variety of accommodations, from camping to more deluxe options, for some if not all the participants. When setting your prices please consider that the participants are providing labor toward your project.

Financial responsibility 


  • The cost for all, materials,  can cost up to $6,500 USD.

  • If you don't already have the tools required to host, a workshop can cost up to $7,000 USD.

  • The host will process all payments for students’ lodging and meals if Domegaia does not. 

Instructor Accommodations


  • Private accommodations for 2-4 Domegaia instructors

  • Transportation to and from the airport

  • 3 hearty meals a day for instructors beginning 5 days before workshop starts (host expense)

Tools & Materials Checklist


  • Ensures all tools and materials that are needed for the project are on site prior to the start of the workshop.

Communication & Marketing


  • Prompt coordination and communication with the Domegaia team before, during, and after the workshop.

  • Provide quality photographs of the build site, accommodations, and local attractions. 

  • Provide information about accommodations available on or near the site.

Get your Host Prep Packet

Step 1:  Fill in the form below.

Step 2: We will email you our Host Prep Packet with all the details of how it works, material lists and costs.

Step 3: Our team will schedule a web meeting or call with you to discuss your project and work with you to make the final plans!