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Domegaia Starter Pack – Save $50
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Hit the ground running with Domegaia’s proprietary Aircrete Mixer and Dragon XL foam generator.  The Starter Pack is exactly what you need to start making Aircrete quickly and easily.

*This deal is only available in 120 volt.

What is Included in The Starter Pack

DragonXL Foam Generator

Revolutionizing the World of Aircrete.

The DragonXL foam generator from Domegaia is a game-changer. Producing high-quality foam is crucial for achieving consistent, successful results in Aircrete projects, and the DragonXL delivers exactly that.

The DragonXL pioneers a new era in foam generation with its compact, portable design, capable of producing large volumes of foam to accommodate both small and large-scale Aircrete projects.

The continuous foam production capability of the DragonXL allows you to refill the foaming agent without shutting down the unit, making it perfect for all-day use. In just minutes, you can produce enough foam for a 45-gallon batch of Aircrete, and do it over an over.

Operating the DragonXL is a breeze, with three straightforward connections: the foaming agent inlet, an air compressor connection, and a built-in pressure regulator, gauge, and shut-off valve. 

Setting up the unit is simple, with detailed instructions provided in our "Aircrete 101" Article and free "Aircrete 101" eBook.


Our 110 volt, 1600W - variable speed Foam-Injection Mixer works with the Dragon XL to mix AirCrete more efficiently and effectively.

Foam naturally floats on top of the heavy cement mixture. The foam-injector ​delivers the foam into the mixing paddle at the bottom of the barrel. This makes it much easier and faster to mix. And creates better consistency in the quality of the aircrete bricks.

Make 45 gallons of AirCrete in a few minutes with Domegaia's tried and true Foam Injection Mixer. 

Free e-book

The Aircrete 101: 


Download our best DIY guide on: 

Detailed instructions on: How to make Aircrete, 

pour Aircrete blocks and much more to

 get you dreaming big.