Dragon XL Foam Generator

$499.00 $549.00


DRAGON XL is a powerful, compact Aircrete foam generator. It features a high-pressure, self-priming, continuous duty pump, and a dial indicator air-pressure regulator valve for easy and accurate adjustment. The Dragon XL enables you to make large batches of foam agent for big Aircrete projects!

The DRAGON XL is designed to work with a larger reservoir of foaming agent. It is perfect for jobs where a large quantity of foam is required. Dragon XL produces continuous consistent foam. The foaming agent is gravity fed into the suction tube. It won't lose its prime when it is shut off. Dragon XL comes with a quick connect suction line bulkhead with screen and shutoff valve. Simply drill a 1/2" hole near the bottom of any suitable container to attach the bulkhead.

Our high pressure pumps are Made in the USA!

Available 120 volt and 240 volt

The Dragon XL's ability to make small or large batches of Aircrete has made it the go-to foam generator for our workshop instructors and pro builders worldwide. It comes fully assembled. Connect the Dragon XL to your foaming agent bin and start making Aircrete!


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