Why Aircrete is irresistable to DIYers

Aircrete takes on the shape that you want it to, to create the design you want, anywhere you want in the world. 

Are you curious about what the fuss is about? Learn the advantages of building with Aircrete and how you can benefit on your next building project.

Maximize the Benefits 

At Domegaia, we have developed a Aircrete Building System that allows you to maximize the benefits of Aircrete for any project to make DIY dome building or any structure easy to learn. 

We recommend reading our post: Aircrete 101: The Ultimate GuideTo get all the details on Aircrete. 

The Top Benefits of Aircrete

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    Aircrete is simply the most low cost building material there is for 3 main reasons: 

    1) Part of its cost reduction is that It plays a dual function as both structure and insulator. 

    2) Making aircrete eliminates the additional cost of adding aggregates, gravel, sand or rock. 

    3) The foam expands the volume of cement by a factor of 5 - 7. So for every one bag of cement you need for an aircrete house, you would need up to 7 bags in a traditional concrete structure. 

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    Whether you are mixing aircrete or building with aircrete blocks, you won't need to buy complicated machinery or hard to find ingredients. Go to your local building supply store and you can get started.

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    Aircrete takes the shape of anything you form it into. Even after aircrete becomes solid, it's easy to carve, chisel, saw, cut holes into and craft into any shape.

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    When you picture lifting heavy slabs of rammed earth or adobe bricks in the sun, rain or wind, the vision becomes a little bleak. Most alternative building materials become grueling work with repeated lifting of heavy loads. Aircrete is light and easy to pick up over your head. All ages can build with it. 

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    Aircrete domes enclose the most space with the least material. 40% of the energy loss in conventional structures is around the thermal bridges where studs, floors and roof meet the exterior walls. There are no thermal bridges in a Structurally Reinforced AirCrete dome home. The seamless integration of floor, walls and roof eliminates outside air penetration which allows the natural flow of interior convection currents that make it easier to heat and cool.

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    If you are trying to find a low-cost, easy to build system that you can build anywhere in the world and customize to your surroundings we think aircrete building is hard to beat.

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    If you are concerned with our ecology like us, then Aircrete will have a special appeal to you too. AirCrete has gained international recognition as an ecological building material because of its resource efficiency. Its reduced environmental impact is only getting better as greener alternatives to Portland cement continue to be developed.

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    A small flame can become an inferno very quickly in a conventional wooden home. Even if the fire doesn’t destroy your stick frame house; the fire department likely will in the process of trying to extinguish the fire. AirCrete is fireproof. You can build a furnace with it. It will not burn.

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    Water damage is a constant threat to wood, adobe, cob, straw bale, compressed earth and even metal buildings. Aircrete is not harmed by water, you can build a boat with it. It will not rot, rust or decompose in water. You might want to cover your home with vegetation, no problem! Put a sprinkler on top to keep it moist and cool in the summer, no problem!

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    Insects and rodents are another annoying threat. They find every nook, crack and cranny. Conventional homes are full of seams, joints and layers that invite pests. Regardless of the initial quality, as a conventional home ages it becomes more accommodating to pests. In many parts of the world houses are fumigated with toxic chemicals to control termites, cock roaches and other pests. It’s an endless battle. I’m not sure what’s worse; the pests or the chemicals. It’s a hopeless situation for most houses in the tropics. With tight windows and doors a structurally reinforced Aircrete dome home is impervious to pests of all kind and can last for centuries with very little maintenance. It’s comforting to know that you can sleep soundly with out the intrusion of pests. 

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    Most building systems require heavy equipment to build, which take up space and require the need for elaborate delivery methods, but aircrete requires a very small amount of equipment to create an entire structure. We have the tools and materials you need here

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    Natural disasters, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires, floods, volcanic eruptions - you name it, a dome is the strongest structural shape bar none. The fragile shell of an egg would crumble under the slightest pressure if it was flat. Its incredible strength comes from its dome shape. A dome is strong because it distributes forces equally in all direction throughout its entire surface. Architects and engineers have know this for centuries. Some of the oldest standing buildings in the world are domes. That's why they cover some of the worlds most prominent buildings, like the US capital, state capitals, cathedrals, temples and mosques. 

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    “Sick house syndrome” is a term used to describe the ailments caused by the off gassing of modern construction materials. Aircrete is inert, it’s composed of limestone and other natural materials. And it’s a good base for the application of interior natural plasters. 

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    There is something intangible, freeing and uplifting that soothes your soul the moment you step into one of our dome homes. The graceful arches, round windows and oval doorways are inspiring. They give you a sense of expansion as though you have entered a sacred space. Structurally reinforced Aircrete domes are extraordinary and they provide something that conventional rectangular buildings simply cannot.  

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    Every living thing, from the tiny cells in our body to the great mother earth is surrounded by an electro magnetic energy field. When we live in a box it limits our functionality. We naturally feel more alive in a dome. Your dome home will surround you with a secure sense of serenity. 

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    It doesn’t take much time to learn how to build with aircrete. Building a structurally reinforced Aircrete dome home is easily achievable for most people, especially if you do it with others. 

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    Most creatures build their home in a day. Taking a lesson from nature, we created an aircrete building system that uses basic methods to create an exterior structure within an average of 10 days.  

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    It’s easy to learn and the tools we provide do most of the work for you. Our aircrete building system has taken the guess-work out of it. Join an in-person aircrete workshop to see how easy it is. 

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    Perhaps the most obvious reason to build with AirCrete is the enormous amount of money it will save you in construction, maintenance, keeping you cool during the summer and warm in the winter. You can form it to any thickness to suit your climate. Domes are very energy efficient. Millions of tiny closed air cells gives Aircrete its insulating properties. 

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    Work becomes play when we help each other. It will be one of your life’s most memorable events. Building your own home with friends and family is a deeply satisfying accomplishment that too few people experience. Yet still the greatest joy comes from living in it and sharing it with friends! Hear what our students have to say about their Aircrete workshop experience. 

Want a hands-on experience? Aircrete workshops are the best way to learn in a team, somewhere beautiful in the world. 

Want to learn more about How Aircrete is Made, How to Mix it and much more, read: Aircrete 101: The Ultimate Guide.