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What students are saying

Aircrete Dome Workshop Testimonial From Damian

"We all had these great intentions, to build a community, a personal home or taking it into a business." 

Damian Espíritu

Aircrete Dome Workshop Testimonial From Ania

"I was so happy to be with like minded people to learn and create memories" 

Ania Chapska

Aircrete Dome Workshop Testimonial From Ben

"Like a busy bee hive. Everyone was here to get it done and see the finished result."

Ben Smith

Our courses

10-Day Aircrete Workshop Cover

Dome Building Workshop:

10 days

Immerse yourself, mind, body and spirit into a building experience that will awaken your intuition and wisdom to create an entire exterior structure of a dome in 10 days, with remarkable people from around the world. 
3-Day Aircrete Masterclass Cover

Aircrete Masterclass - 3 Day

Learn what it takes to build your next project with Aircrete - you will become an Aircrete pro over the course of a weekend. 

Calling all landowners! Do you own land and want to become a workshop host? Get more details. 

Have questions? Join us for a

online Webinar: Information session.

Join us for a live webinar, hosted by co-founders, Joel and Ella to answer any questions you have. Hear from people who are just starting out and from people currently building.  Last Thursday of every month. 

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Aircrete Dome Online Course Cover


Aircrete 101: Tutorials, Videos and Student Manual 

You'll get a comprehensive online Aircrete Building E-course that give step-by-step instructions on how to build with Aircrete.  

What's included:

  • 30 Video Modules - 20 Hours

  • Detailed Tool & Material Checklists

  • 80+ page Student Manual 

  • Comprehensive Aircrete Recipes

Plus Early Bird Bonus Pack: 

  • 15 % Discount on Equipment

  • Group Coaching Call 


This course has NOT launched yet. We are in Beta phase. We need to know if people are interested. 

Aircrete Dome Teacher Training Cover


Becoming an Aircrete Instructor Program

Have you worked with Aircrete, attended a class in the past or are someone who loves working with their hands? 

We are looking for people to train to be instructors in the following capacities: 

Teacher Roles:

  • Aircrete Masterclass Instructors

  • Dome Building Workshop Leaders

  • Intro to Aircrete Night 

  • Teacher Assistants

What's included:

  • Comprehensive Training to become a Teacher

  • Teacher Workbook 

  • Fee & Compensation Schedule 

  • Flexible work schedule 

  • Travel cost