Steve Areen's Dome Architectural Drawings and our Aircrete Dome Building eBook!


Package Includes:

  • Steve Areen’s Famous Dome Home Architectural Drawings w/ materials list - (Digital Download) -19 pages
  • Aircrete Dome Building eBook (Digital Download) - 50 pages
  • 12 pages of architectural drawings detailing the design of Steve Areen’s Famous Dome Home. Includes the layout of the foundation, floor plans, perspective, cross sections and elevations drawings ​with all the primary dimensions. Basic plumbing and electrical details are also shown.
  • 35 page AirCrete dome-building workshop student manual that guides you step-by-step through the building process with pictures and detailed text.
  • Detailed drawings and materials list for Steve's wooden oval front door, round wooden window frame, and multi-faceted skylights. 
  • A modified floor plan of Steve's dome home with the bathroom attached to the bedroom making space for a larger kitchen area and closets.
  • Recipes page including all the recipes for making foam, AirCrete, air-mortar, bounding agent, fiber reinforced door frames and fabric reinforcement exterior skin.