Magic Tubing Bender




Bender is a precision tool designed for making curved forms for AirCrete foundations, arches, round windows, oval doorways and more!

It can also be used for making greenhouse frames, bending rebar for ferro cement armatures and many other applications.


Powered by a 1/2” drill, Bender takes only 15 seconds to complete a 20’ bend.

Bender comes with roller dies for bending 3/4" EMT (Electrical Metal Tubing). EMT is our preferred material for constructing AirCrete forms. These dies can also be used for bending rebar and smaller size round tubing.

​Optional dies for bending 3/4” 16 gauge square tubing are also available and sold separately.

Bender is made of zinc coated steel, with industrial quality precision bearings.

It is so well built we offer a 10 year guarantee! Made in the USA.


Together we can build low-cost, simple, and beautiful homes that have a positive impact on ourselves and the world around us. 

Steve's Architectural Drawings, your digital copy of our Workshop Manual and important logistical details will be emailed to you several weeks before the start of the workshop (or immediately upon registration if you sign-up less than 2 weeks of the workshop start date).

We look forward to meeting you and creating together!

★ Folks cancelling more than 4 weeks prior to the first day of the workshop will receive a full tuition refund, minus any processing fees.
★ Those cancelling 2 - 4 weeks prior to the first day of the workshop will receive a half tuition refund, minus fees.
★ No refunds for cancellation requests made less than 2 weeks prior to the first day of the workshop.
★ If the workshop has to be cancelled for some reason, you will receive an immediate full refund.